In order to help you in your dental care, we offer the following services:
Dental Examinations
We conduct general dental examinations to ensure we catch any problems like cavities or gum disease. Regular checkups and dental advice will ensure your continued dental health.
Dentists Caitriona and Gerard carry out skilled restoration work. Implants, Crowns and Bridges will restore your original look and recreate your happy smile.
Our expert hygienist Teresa will scale and polish your teeth, removing any stains or tartar build-up. She will pay special attention to your overall gum and mouth health.


Meet the people behind Cross Street Dental.
Dr. Caitriona Long
Dr. Caitriona Long


    Dr. Gerard Gallagher
    Dr. Gerard Gallagher


      Kathy Rost
      Kathy Rost

      Dental Nurse

        Theresa Kelly
        Theresa Kelly


          Valerie Mullin
          Valerie Mullin


            Our Dental Clinic

            Our Treatment Fees

            Dental Examination:

            Full Dental Examination: €30

            X-Ray: €20 per film

            P.R.S.I Treatments:

            Annual PRSI Exam, Scale & Polish - €15

            Tooth Restorations / Fillings:

            Composite (white) Fillings: €75 - €130

            Metal Fillings(largely discontinued): €65 - €85

            Childrens Fillings (baby teeth): €40 - €70

            Prices dependent on surfaces, complexity and time involved.

            Fissure Sealants: €30 per tooth


            Routine Extractions: €60 - €100

            Surgical Extractions: €100 - €150

            Root Treatments:

            Front Tooth (single root): from €400

            Premolar Tooth (two roots): from €450

            Molar Tooth (multiple roots): from €600


            Porcelain Tooth Coloured Crowns: €700 - €950


            Per unit or missing tooth: €400 - €750


            Acrylic (plastic) Denture: from €450

            Chrome Cobalt Denture: from €750

            Full Upper/Lower Denture: from €800 per base

            Implant Treatment:

            Single Implant: from €2,500

            Cleanings / Periodontal Treatments:

            Scale and Polish: €70

            Periodontal Assessment: €40

            Advanced Gum Treatments:

            Root cleaning under local anaesthetic: €70 - €160

            Tooth Whitening:

            Tray system: €300